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Continue the Legion of Super-Heroes!

This petition is for the Legion of Super-Heroes, one of the best comics series and super-hero groups every created. For over 55 years, comics fans have discussed, complained, created and inspired the wonders of DC Comics' 30th and 31st centuries. Although recent efforts haven't born fruit and prospered, the reason is due to bad management and not the fault of the characters or their universe. This team deserves to be kept alive. This fan-favorite was saved from obscurity in 1973 and its time to step up and save it again!

The Legion is just one of those DC mainstays. It’s as much a part of the superhero line’s makeup as, say, the Titans or the Justice League. The Legion was there before both of them, and I think it should be around as long as DC publishes superhero comics.  (No donation is being asked for...this site is free!)


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    Diane Nelson
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    Dan Didio
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    Geoff Johns
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    Jim Lee
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    David Hyde (VP Publicity)

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