Petitioning the HSUS/ASPCA: Increase TV commercials/PSA's re. the plight of our horses

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We, as anti-horse slaughter advocates and advocates for the wild horses, know that the public at large is sorely ignorant about the plight of horses in the U.S. That needs to be changed. Thus, we are petitioning to request an increase in the amount of information made available through television commercial and PSA's.

Matthew Bershadker,CEO, ASPCA
Elizabeth Estroff, Senior Vice President, Communications, ASPA
Wayne Pacelle President and Chief Executive Officer of The Humane Society of the United States
Mark Stubis Chief Communications Officer at American Humane Association

On January 3, 2017 the 114th Congress will come to a close. The chances of the Safe Act, HR 1942, being released from the Subcommittee, Live Stock and Foreign Agriculture and moving on to the Senate and ultimately to the President for signature are remote, to say the least.

It is our strong sentiment that an effort to educate the general public about horse slaughter and all that is involved, including auctions, transport, feedlots, kill pens, etc must be undertaken at a level much higher than the existing one. Something must be done to make the plight of American horses an issue not only for those in Congress and the Senate, but the general population. It is the general public that can put much needed pressure on their US Representatives and Senators.

Lake Research Partner's poll gave anti-slaughter horse advocates a false sense of support. There is no 86% of Americans who are opposed to horse slaughter. Asking one's neighbors, store keepers, even people at horse barns, how they feel about horse slaughter is usually met with a blank stare. Ironically, when trying to get an article published in a Connecticut horse magazine, I was told that it would not be of general interest.

If a new "Safe Act" or some other sort of legislation that may or may not be introduced in the new Congress is to have any shot at being passed, it is essential that we do all that we can to educate the American people so that our issue becomes their issue.

We are aware of and greatly appreciative of all of your ongoing efforts on behalf of the horses. At the same time we are disappointed that more TV commercials or PSA's are not aired. We would wager that many, many people are familiar with the excellent commercials for dogs that are seen with some regularity on television. We do not see frequent broadcasts concerning the plight of the horses, however.

While the membership of the numerous anti-slaughter horse groups on Facebook and the various anti-slaughter advocacy organizations -- including those who work tirelessly on behalf of our wild horses -- engage in activities designed to raise awareness, financial restraints make it impossible for us to fight the pro-slaughter groups and politicians on their own terms.

Thus, it is our request that both the HSUS and the ASPCA increase the number of commercials/PSAs on television with the goal of increasing public awareness and expanding the base of individuals who are aware of and against the slaughter of our horses and the BLM's efforts to eradicate the wild horses. Americans are tuned in, whether it be via the television or smart phone. And it is through those each of those mediums that we hope you grant our request and increase the amount of information they receive.

Thank you, and for the group, we look forward to receiving your response. 

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