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Raise the Wages for Teachers Working for the Benicia Unified School District... again

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In March 2017, the Benicia Unified School District (BUSD) faced major problems regarding a shortage of teachers, and a lack of acknowledgement for the effort teachers put in outside of school hours. The school district wasn't negotiating a pay raise, and, as a result, the teachers went on a "work to rule” strike. Teachers would arrive at the time they start getting paid, and doors are closed during snack, lunch, and after school, which equated to no help on tests or homework.

Due to a petition threatening a student-wide walk out, the school district managed to negotiate a pay raise with the teachers's union. However, the teachers would have to renegotiate this contract around the same time the following year.

It's now been almost a year, and the school district is refusing to negotiate once again.

Teachers have remained a huge asset to students. Not only would they give their free time after school assisting students on work they would struggle with, but they would even assist students in writing personal statements to their top choice colleges. Benicia has always been a major magnet for their educators. With the work to rule in place, and a future strike potentially on the horizon, this could all change. 

The time teachers have to help us outside of class would now be affected, especially in the cases of Advanced Placement courses. Students that would rely on teachers who would write letters of recommendations to the top colleges they would want to attend would be soon affected by the loss of teachers to other higher paying districts. This can effect the students presently, and future graduates of Benicia High School.

Once again, we, the students, are asking the Benicia Unified School District to reconsider negotiating a raise for the hard work teachers are doing for us. We are asking for at least 500 signatures. If the Benicia Unified School District does not put forth these negotiations by February 23rd, a student walk out will occur at 8:30 that morning, and the students will walk to the Benicia Unified School District office in protest.

The plaque in the Benicia Unified School District’s office still reads “We want all students to achieve their highest potential in an engaging, inspiring, and challenging learning environment”, If they want to these students to “achieve their highest potential”, please consider this for the hard work these teachers put in for us. Thank you.

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