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Keep Napa Vine Trail off Ag Land and Sunrise Horse Rescue

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Please stand with us in opposing the use of private farming and horse rescue land for this recreational trail! “The Vine Trail MUST stay along the existing major transportation routes to ensure that recreational use does not interfere with nor impede normal agricultural operations, as well as to protect the health and safety of trail users,” the Napa County Farm Bureau Why this matters... What happens when a horse spooks at a cyclist and breaks its leg? What happens when a dog walker's dog gets loose and gets kicked by a spooked horse? What happens when a well meaning trail user tries to feed a carrot to a horse on a special diet, or one with behavior issues who might bite? The reasons why running the trail through this property are a terrible idea are endless. Why we care... (by Trace Oles Beebe) My family's property is one that the new "alternate route" for the Napa Vine Trail will greatly affect. We own 21.5 acres on Lodi Lane in St. Helena and are a part of the Ehlers lane alternate route.We are a Fourth Generation Napa Valley family and this property has been our home for decades. We have paid our taxes, contributed to the local economy, and voted like good citizens.While part of the proposed trail goes through our privately owned land, there is another strip of land that the trail would like to use that is leased by several farm owners between Lodi Lane and Calistoga. We've been leasing this old railroad line (currently owned by the City of Calistoga) adjacent to our property for decades and have put it to good use, including housing 4H/FFA fair hogs for local families, vine planting, and even a sanctuary for abused and neglected horses.In 2007, I helped found a 501c3 non-profit horse rescue on a section of my family's property. Sunrise Horse Rescue has not only saved more than 50 horses, we have made a difference in the lives of local children and adults through our outreach programs and volunteer training.Depending on which map you look at, the proposed trail route runs either directly alongside our horse paddock fencing, or, according to one plot map, through the middle of one of our barns.Allowing the general public to traipse through our property will have a hugely negative effect on these animals that have already been through so much trauma. Unsupervised trail users will endanger the health and well being of the horses to the point that we would likely need to shut down operations all together.We will not grant use of our private driveway to access the leased section, which means our neighbor will have to tear out several rows of vines that he has planted on the section of old railroad/water main line from Calistoga. There are many other landowners who would also be affected and also strongly oppose the use of their land. I beg of you, please, do not vote to allow the use of our precious Napa Valley agricultural lands for this public trail.  There will be a Board of Supervisors' meeting on Tuesday January 5th at 2PM to address this issue.  Please attend if you possibly can. For more info go to: Stop the Vine Trail from being built on private land. Regardless of your attendance, please support our effort by adding your name to this petition.  Thank you.  

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