Stop the Closure of The Town of Pelham's Only EarlyON Centre

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The Niagara Region is closing the ONLY EarlyON Centre in the Town of Pelham located in Fenwick and has closed the EarlyON Centre on South Pelham Rd which is the nearest to the Town of Pelham.

WHEREAS We the undersigned being ratepayers in The Town of Pelham, in the Region of Niagara do hereby petition The Niagara Region to not close the Fenwick location which has been a vital part of our community for many years and has been serving hundreds of our children each week.

By providing play based learning through both structured and unstructured activities in a large open gym area, our children have been provided with an unparalleled environment to develop their cognitive, social, dexterity, gross motor, and emotional skills all through the use of their creativity and their imagination. 

This closure will eliminate the only daily facility in the Town of Pelham for children and their families, and ultimately, it sacrifices our children's development, and the social environment for parents and grandparents.  This closure will now require care givers to travel at least 40 to 90 minutes round trip to the next closest EarlyON Centre in Welland.

The closure of the Fenwick EarlyON Centre is UNACCEPTABLE.

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