Call for Diageo to end the disparagement & erasure of Hollis Bulleit, and demand equal pay

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Since 2016, I, Hollis Bulleit™, and my wife have been in a public battle with Diageo (the global company that owns Bulleit whiskey, Ketel One, Johnnie Walker, Smirnoff, George Dickel, Guiness, etc). 

While working for Diageo I was bitten, bruised, bullied, and sexually harassed in broad daylight with several witnesses. Diageo employees stood and watched and did nothing to stop the assault. This was one of several incidents of harassment that I endured while working for Diageo: a company that did not pay for my overtime, did not provide me with an HR representative, did not pay for my healthcare or retirement. I was actively antagonized by the Bulleit team throughout my time working for Diageo. 

Since being pushed out of the family business, Diageo and Tom Bulleit have disparaged me as a drunk and mentally ill, affecting my present and future employment. In the quest to defend themselves they have broken laws and violated HIPAA. Diageo along with my parents, Tom & Betsy Bulleit, have used paid for press to victim blame & shame me.

Diageo has co-opted my brand, ideas, and art to continue to sell Bulleit whiskey without licensing or due compensation and infringing on my right to publicity. Diageo continues to erase me from the history of the brand, a strong LGBTQ2IA+ woman who could have had the title of co-founder/ co-creator for the conception of the brand since the beginning. For example, I was not even given the honor of a single mention in Bulleit distillery for my decades of contributions to the brand.

Diageo continues to back Tom Bulleit, since my homophobia allegations beginning in 2015 privately and 2017 publicly. Diageo backed Tom Bulleit when I spoke about the domestic abuse and bruises I suffered frequently on the job by the hands of Tom Bulleit. And even continued to back Tom Bulleit and minimize my experience after I publicly spoke about my childhood sexual abuse at the hands of my father.

There has been no permanent, if any, repercussions for Tom Bulleit by Diageo. According to my experience and Tom Bulleit's 2011 affidavit I was the only family member working on behalf of the family and Diageo and to date I have received less than 2% of Bulleit's financial gain. Both Tom Bulleit and I are listed as part time vendors in Diageo contracts; and our jobs were similar with my job having additional duties. Tom Bulleit has squandered my portion of the family royalty that I helped to earn on lavish trips and material purchases. I earned this money, and it was promised to me by several employees of Diageo and my father for many years.

I deserve to be treated with the respect one should give a survivor. I deserve fair treatment. I deserve equal pay. Diageo and Tom Bulleit have refused to deal with my counsel to come to any resolution. Because of decades of trauma I have been diagnosed with Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Any royalties or compensation given to me for the myriad of laws that have been violated would go toward the healing and maintenance of my C-PTSD diagnosis (caused by my father and Diageo). Help make me whole again and demand action.