Call for Diageo to end the disparagement & erasure of Hollis Bulleit, and demand equal pay

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Hollis B Worth
Hollis B Worth signed this petition

For almost three years now, I - Hollis B Worth (neé Bulleit) have been in legal proceedings or in a public battle with Diageo (the parent company of Bulleit whiskies and many other liquor brands). Diageo has bullied me, threatening legal suits for boycotts. Diageo has disparaged me as a drunk and mentally ill, affecting my present and future employment. Diageo has publicly victim shamed and blamed me. When convenient, Diageo has co-opted my brand to continue to sell Bulleit whiskey without licensing or due compensation. Diageo has erased me from the history of the brand, a strong LGBTQ2IA+ woman. Throughout this time they have continued to back my longtime abuser, Tom Bulleit. Even though I was one of the original co-founders of the Bulleit brand, to date I have received less than 2% of the financial gain. I deserve fair treatment. I deserve equal pay. Regardless of what Diageo decides to do with my abuser, Tom Bulleit, they need to rectify the situation with me in words, deeds, and monetarily. This predicament has caused extreme mental stress, isolation, and further trauma. I would like a true resolution and an end to my suffering. Help make me whole again and demand action from Diageo.