Call for Diageo to end the disparagement & erasure of Hollis Bulleit, and demand equal pay

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Thank You! Update & Tools: New FAQ on my website

Thank you for your continued support. We are close to 1,500 signatures and we need many more for my case to be taken seriously. Please share my petition because every signature gives us leverage with Diageo and Tom Bulleit. If you are in the alcohol industry and you are scared to support me, please share my story with a friend and have them support me on your behalf. Feel free to post about my story and petition in your social media or in your groups. We need wider viral coverage. 

Diageo is paying to assassinate my character in the press and we are having a hard time garnering the interest from serious reporters who are willing to look at my evidence. The press thus far is nullifying my abuse by saying that there is no way to prove it or that there are three sides to every story. This tactic diminishes my abuse and blames and shames me as a survivor. Smaller press publications without legal counsel have less impetus to do a non-biased story because they could be bullied by Diageo's money and power. 

Publicists and groups that should be allies are scared of Diageo. I understand that, for ten years I was scared too. But now is the time for courage. I hope that my bravery inspires you enough to use your voice.

If you are new to my story we have launched an FAQ page on my website LINK:

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Hollis Bulleit
2 years ago