Reinstate Mr. Smith at Diablo Valley College

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Jeffrey Smith contributed immensely to the learning of students attending DVC's FasTRAX Career Academy. He was always helpful, relatable, and kind to every student, encouraging and inspiring all of them to pursue careers in engineering and design. At the end of the camp, all the counselors gave out prizes, one of which was an autonomous robot, which was awarded to the team which won the autonomous robot programming challenge. Mr. Smith was not the teacher who gave out this award, nor was he aware that the robot in question was school property. Despite these facts, DVC has decided to suspend Mr. Smith for one semester. We respect DVC's decision, but would like them to reconsider it. Many of the high school students who attended the Career Academy were planning on attending Mr. Smith's Fall Technical Drawing class because of his excellent teaching methods. Now, some of them are considering dropping out. Because of this suspension, many young students may miss out on valuable career technical education, which would be conflicting with DVC's mission. Please sign this petition to reinstate Mr. Smith from his suspension.