We Support Penalty Rates Movement

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We, as a country, are drifting further and further away from our ideals and the values we hold as precious. We love Australia because of its egalitarian stance, its sense of inclusiveness and its freedoms. However, these ideals are being systematically eroded by the bureaucrats who are guided solely by some strange code, alien to the hardworking Aussies who work their guts out to get ahead and often do this on minimum pay. I speak particularly of the workers in retail/hospitality who have enjoyed a little extra income for giving up their weekends to serve the public. Wow, this astonishing decision has been made by a commission of fools who are sitting on a nice pay packet enjoying weekends sipping on the caffelatte served by the humble workers they have crucified or by the kid working behind the deli at Coles or Woolies. They go by the ironic name of Fair Work Commission...

I am not a hospitality worker. I am a teacher who teaches my students the merit of equity, fairness and so many other great values. I am ashamed at what has transpired. I find this despicable and furthermore, the politicians who supported this are then rewarded with a 2% pay rise whilst those who can least afford it, are made to suffer. The fat cats pat themselves on the back for reigning in the economy...They profoundly disgust me. We as a nation must not accept this. It goes against everything we stand for, the reason our young men and women went to war and for which they gave their lives. Democracy, the right to earn a decent living without impediment. That right has been demolished and we stood by and watched it happen silently and with a mere trickle of protest.

I am asking for a boycott. I suggest that all those retail and hospitality outlets reinstate the money that has been ROBBED from these workers and place a banner in their front window with this slogan: #We Support The Worker, We Support Penalty Rates. We as consumers can make a difference. Support these employers. Patronise their outlets and boycott the others who have severely affected the rights of these workers and have made their lives even more difficult in very challenging economic times. Stand together ... this is the glue that will hold our country together with the once upon a time values that have seen our Australia flourish.