My infant son was taking from me by the dhs on false information and 12 months now no baby

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Ok here we go my son was born in monash hospital in Victoria, Australia, when me and my wife, were in the hospital  when he was born, we were hassled, by the hospital staff, they said we could not bring home our beutiful infant son ,home  after me and my wife waited for 3 years ,2 miscarriages ,and then, we were blessed with our beutiful baby boy , i called him after my self, because it was from trying, and trying, and then to actually having  1 ,with my wife, anyways i had to go back to work ,because i run my own business, and i had to leave the hospital, then been told on the phone ,by some medical staff ,at monash hospital, that if i didn't return to the hospital, that there where not letting us keep our baby, so i ask anyone who read this, and understand my dilemma, its 1 year now, since they have taking our beutiful son, from me and my wife ,and our relationship is nowhere, like its ruined .

Our souls, and human rights, of being parents, are violated, in a major way ,and i think its time ,they give me back ,what i asked god for .

Everyone sign this petition, i sign everyone else's, please. My family are shattered, with the way these people, can play god, in our lifes. And dont even give us a chance ,to be parent's, honestly feel like my human rites have been taken away from me ,for no genuine reason thats totally unacceptabl under any circumstances, of any cread ,race, or gender, everyone has the rite to at least be given the chance, to be parent's, and if the mess it up, well fair enough, yes i would agree, total a 100%, that the childs welfare, is of the most utmost importance of all ,and yes, the department of human services get involved and remove kids, from families who cant take care of the children ,but not hard working honest to god people ,who are succeeding in life ,and happy chruch going people, with lots and lots of Morales, and principles  and respect, for everyone in this beutiful vast world, we live in today.


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