DHS is tear gassing immigrants: Demand manufacturers stop selling tear gas to DHS

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Tear gas is considered a chemical weapon, and is banned by the United Nations for use in war since 1993. But that hasn’t stopped U.S. law enforcement and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) from using tear gas to disperse protesters and migrants. Tear gas causes vomiting, loss of vision, and coughing. If used improperly it can kill people. The two largest manufacturers of tear gas in the world are American companies - Dupont and Combined Tactical Systems.

Asylum seekers shouldn’t have chemical weapons used on them. Tell Dupont and Combined Tactical Systems to stop selling their tear gas to the Department of Homeland Security.

In November 2018, DHS used tear gas on a crowd of mostly Honduran migrants trying to seek asylum in the United States. Forty-two of them were apprehended afterwards. Many of them were with children and infants. The health impacts of tear gas on infants is severe, with babies developing extreme lung issues that can harm their overall health. Currently the impact on adolescent children is unknown. Dupont and Combined Tactical Systems have sold their tear gas to the Egyptian government, where 37 Egyptians died from tear gas during the Arab Spring. These weapons of war do not belong in the streets or at the border.

Government agencies tasked with keeping the peace and processing asylum seekers should not be using chemical weapons on adults, infants, and children. Tear gas has been used by DHS specifically to intimidate people seeking asylum. Tell America’s largest tear gas manufacturers to stop selling chemical weapons to DHS.