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Ana Canenguez, Job, Geovanny, Mario, and Erick's lives are in DANGER if they are deported to El Salvador!

Ana Canenguez (A#200189530), Job 18 (A#200696531), Geovanny 16 (A#200696530), Mario 14 (A#200189351), and Erick 12 (A#200189352) truely fear for their lives if they are deported back into the hands of gangs in El Salvador.

In 2003, after living a hard life in poverty since she was a child Ana made the journey to the United States so she could work and send money to support her sons, Jose, Job, Geovanny, Mario, and Erick in El Salvador.

In 2010, Job woke up to police next door investigating the horrific scene of two adolescent girls who were raped, killed, and cut into pieces by gangs. Later, Geovonny was demanded by gangsters to join them. If they didn't join the gangs, then they were to be brutally killed. At the age of 15 and 13, Job and Geovanny made a terrifying journey to the United States constantly being threatened by desert snakes, predators, and cartel members. After crossing the U.S. border and hours of walking in the desert they were caught by border patrol receiving Notices To Appear before an immigration judge in removal proceedings.

In 2011, Ana recieved a call from El Salvador that Mario and Erick's, then 12 and 10 years old, lives were threatened if she didn't pay $25,000. She raised money to pay for them to be brought to the United States instead, but they were caught by federal officers in Mexico. Ana went to Mexico herself and fought for two months to get them out of an orphanage, then she hired a coyote to help them cross the U.S. border. The coyote got lost and Ana and her sons were separated from the group. The three wandered for hours until a stranger drove up and Ana requested to contact border patrol so they could turn themselves in, receiving Notices to Appear as well.

Asylum was denied to the family because to be threatened with death by gangs is not an element in U.S. law to be granted asylum. One must be able to demonstrate a fear of persecution because of race, nationality, political opinion, religion or membership in a particular social group.

Even during threats and removal proceedings, Ana Canenguez presented great strength as she was elected president of the parents committee for the Head Start Migrant program in Honeyville where she volunteered. She recently received a Utah Head Start's Parent of the Year award on November 3, 2012. In 2 1/2 years, Job has learned English, won achievement awards, and earned recommendation letters from his high school. He and his brothers do not qualify for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival (DACA) because they have not lived the required 5 years in the U.S. Their future in El Salvador, if deported, would be full of poverty, violence, or death.

We ask that Ana, Job, Geovanny, Mario, and Erick's deportation be stopped and that they be granted prosecutorial discretion immediately. If this family is deported, their lives will be thrown into the hands of gangs in El Salvador that they so desperately tried to escape. Ana has two bright and beautiful citizen born children: Luis, 7 years old, and Kathy, 5 years old. They are together at last. KEEP FAMILIES TOGETHER AND ALIVE.


Call ICE: 202.732.3000 Call Field Office Director: Steven M. Branch 801-313-4260 Call Nathan Berkley: (202) 732-4066 Call Senator Hatch: UT: (801) 524-4380; DC: (202) 224-5251 "Hello my name is _________ and I am calling [name of target] to  stop the deportation of Ana Canenguez (A#200189530) and her 4 sons:  Job (A#200696531), Geovanny  (A#200696530), whom are all below the age of 18 and have no criminal records. The family truly fear for their lives if they are deported back into the hands of gangs in El Salvador. They are very loved in the community of ______, Utah.  Please grant prosecutorial discretion and stop their deportation now!" 

For more about their story, read this article from Salt Lake City Weekly called HOMELAND INSECURITY:

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