Keep Sarakki Market clean

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Sarakki Market is a very busy vegetable market situated in Sarakki, bordering Jayanagar, Banashankari and J.P Nagar. It is nestled between the Banashankari and J.P Nagar Metro Stations. It is a hub where many residents of the nearby localities, buy their vegetables and as this is a densely populated region, where three prime localities meet, business is very good. The vendors sell fruits, vegetables and flowers. The peaks of the market are during festivals, when all families rush to buy items required for the festival. The problem is that the vendors dump all their waste on the nearby junction on Kanakapura Road. The state of this dump is horrible, and it attracts flies, cows and dogs. The market itself is very dirty. Other vendors on the road dump their waste on the sidewalk. The stench produced by this dump is unbearable for both the vendors and the customers. All this waste dumped on Kanakapura Road, a National Highway, obstructs traffic causing huge jams, due to which, traffic is crawling in the peak hours. These are all the reasons why we should all work together and help clean Sarakki Market. Now, after investigation of this problem, I have found out that:-

·       The vendors come to the market at 3 or 4 a.m.

·       They set up their stalls between 5 and 6 a.m.

·       The BBMP garbage collection lorry comes twice, but in the interim, a lot of garbage is dumped on the road

·       They dispose of their waste at 10 a.m.

·       The BBMP comes daily to collect waste

·       Some vendors store their waste in small boxes till the lorry arrives to collect the waste

·       Other vendors, just dump their waste on the road, or in an abandoned park next to the market

·       These vendors dump their waste on the road as they do not have access to bins in which they can dispose of their waste

·       Vendors dump waste vegetables straight in the dump.

·       The vendors who dump their waste on the road,  do not segregate their waste, which is a trouble for the BBMP, so we must educate them about the importance of the segregation of waste