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WANT JUSTICE FOR MY Frriend who died in rail accident ....plz share this to every one .

We are the family members of Master.Dhaval M. Lodaya who passed away in a tragic train accident happened on 20th March 2014 between Ambivli and Titwala. However, we would like to clear certain points as there are many rumors being spread about the incident: - 

1. Master.Dhaval M.Lodaya was of age 17 (DOB – 10th April 1996). He was a very happy go lucky fellow with lot many friends in school and college. He studied at S.K.Somaiya College, Vidyavihar . He just appeared 12th Standard (HSC) examination in this year. 
2. Dhaval along with his friends Jay Lodaria (20), Karan Gajjar (17), Mandip Rajgor (17) went to Jain Temple at Manas Mandir near Asangaon . They catched the local train at morning 7.40 from Ghatkopar station and reached Asangaon, later then went to take darshan at the Temple. They took the return train of 2.09PM CST fast from Asagaon Station. 
3. The tragic accident took between Ambivali Station and Titwala Station. The last few boogies of got derailed. Dhaval and his friends were standing in the passage area near the seats of the bogie; They were not standing on the Gate Passage. NONE OF THEM WERE HANGING ON THE GATE OF THE BOGIE. In the sudden chaos and unbalancing of the train bogies, Dhaval fell outside of the train. Jay,Karan & Mandip fell inside the train along with many other passengers. 
4. After few minutes when the bogies came to stand still, Jay,Karan&Mandip rushed outside the train to check Dhaval. Dhaval was lying unconscious but alive on the side of track with injuries behind his head. Other passengers also rushed outside the bogie. 
5. Jay,Karan & Mandip tried to ask help from the passengers to help Dhaval as he had suffered some serious injuries and was the only person lying unconscious at the incident. None of the passenger even tried to help him instead started taking videos and pictures of the incident. There were roughly around 100 people at the incident including the passengers and localities, still not a single person bothered to help these kids and were focusing in taking videos and pictures. 
6. They asked people to help, some one from crowd tried calling the Titwala police station and got a reply to call Ambivali Station , When Ambivali Station was called they got a reply to call the Titwala Station. Jay tried calling 108-helpline numbers and asked for help. The helpline replied that the ambulances are on the way and will reach in sometime. 
7. Nagarsevak of the vicinity reached the spot within 20 minutes of the incident. The kids asked help from him to take dhaval to the near by hospital in his car as he was seriously injured, on which he replied he doesn’t have a personal car. He along with his men didn’t bother to arrange for any help or call up ambulance to take dhaval to the near by hospital. He left the incident within 10 minutes.
8. Railway Police Force arrived 45 minutes after the incident. 7-8 policemen started looking at the incident area. Jay and others rushed to them to ask for help to take Dhaval , meanwhile Dhaval was still unconscious but taking breathes . They replied they are getting help and started barricading the accident area. The kids pleaded to take Dhaval and asked for help to lift him and take him to any ambulance. They ignored them and started with barricading the area. This was the most valuable time that could have saved Dhaval’s life and they wasted it. 
9. 1 and hour later after the incident the ambulance arrived at the accident spot. Jay spotted the ambulance from far and ran towards it to get help. Meanwhile Dhaval was still unconscious, his other friends were pleading for help from the people and police, while police was busy wasting time to barricade area and people were busy taking videos. 
10. Jay asked the ambulance guy to take the stretcher and take dhaval to the hospital. The ambulance driver and assistant replied they couldn’t do it, as they were busy giving 1st Aid treatment to people with normal injuries. Jay pleaded and told them that Dhaval has been seriously injured and lying unconscious from past 1 and half hours and need help or else it would be fatal. They replied they would come once the 1st Aid treatment will be over. Jay fought with them and snatched the stretcher from them and ran towards Dhaval. 
11. After reaching the spot where Dhaval was lying unconscious, they tried asking help from the people and police to put Dhaval on stretcher and take him to ambulance; still no body came forward to help. Jay, Karan & Mandip with great efforts managed to get dhaval on stretcher and asked for help to at least to take him to ambulance (A normal stretcher requires atleast 4 people to lift any patient and they were only three people). Still people were busy recording the scene on their cell phones and police were busy documenting the incidents. 
12. Later one lady from the crowd yelled at the people to at least help the kids to lift the stretcher and take the patient to the ambulance. Finally after pleading from the kids and the lady 2-3 people from the crowd came forward and lend a hand to take the stretcher to the ambulance. 
13. The doctor in the ambulance examined the Dhaval and declared him dead. Dhaval had been lying unconscious, unattended and without any help for almost 2 hours in spite of a crowd of more than 100 people and Railway Police Force arriving within 45 minutes.

We have lost our only son in the family not due to accident but due to negligence and incompetency of our disaster management system and approach from the Indian railway system and Railway Police Force. 

If the Railway Police Force had given the right approach towards the injured and not focus on petty thing like barricading the area our son would be alive today.
If the ambulance services would have given the right approach towards prioritizing the injured, things would be have been different today.
If the local nagarsevak who just arrived within 20 minutes of the accident had made some efforts to take dhaval to hospital, he would have been with us today.
If the People and localities would have taken initiative or at least given a helping hand to the kids, the valuable time would not have been lost and proper treatment could have been delivered to Dhaval. 
- Lodaya Family

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