Allow De-registration facilities in PhD

Allow De-registration facilities in PhD

1 February 2022
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The Hon'ble Education Minister 

Ministry of Education 

Government of India 

Subject: Amendment of UGC regulations 2016 for provision of de-registration facilities in PhD 

Dear Sir, 

We, the research scholar of India, studying in different university and institutions across India, would like to draw your kind attention to the following points in connection with the above subject for your consideration:

  1. We, thousands of research scholar and students, are disappointed, dissatisfied, frustrated and angry with the UGC regulations 2016 as it doesn't have any provision of 'de-registration facilities'.  Absence of de-registration and re-registration in PhD is badly affecting decision regarding research and employment.
  2. Many students are dropping out from their PhD degree for jobs, the trend is increasing after UGC regulations 2016. Years of resources, time and manpower invested into PhD during those years goes waste, if students leave PhD degree before completion. This is a 'national waste in education'. Government can control it. In fact, govt can stop it by making a provision of de-registration and re-registration facilities in UGC regulations.
  3. Our demand is that amend UGC regulations 2016 with the provision of de-registration and re-registration facilities in PhD degree.
  4. Provision of such facilities would make everyone better off. Job seekers will get job without sacrificing their PhD degree and hence resulting no national waste in education.

It is, therefore, we appeal before you to take a serious note of our genuine demands and quickly take appropriate steps in favour of the greater interest of higher education and research in the country.

Thanks and Regards


On behalf of


Research Scholars of India



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Signatures: 15Next Goal: 25
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