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Many of us would not have been familiar with the intricate connotations of the multiple legal nuances . Recent happening in Sakkavayal Village in Sivagangai District of Tamil Nadu has to be deciphered and analysed by a section of Indian Police Code , that has been used just once in the annals of Indian Legal History . What happens when someone is being aggressively hit and assaulted to death or being raped or about to be raped ? What will happen to a person who is a spectator to this ? And how shall and how should they react to this ? In a country where people fear helping even victims of accidents for the fear of not getting themselves involved with mysterious accusations by the legal courts, it is very pragmmatic for them to just watch a murder or a rape helplessly .

The historical judgement pronounced by Madras Judgement in 2012 delienates how IPC Section 100 can be implemented where death occurs when it is a result of defence – such an assault as may reasonably caused the apprehension that death will otherwise be the consequence of such assault and that grievous hurt will otherwise be the consequence of such assault ; an assault with the intention of commiting rape or gratifying unnatural lust or with the intention of kidnapping or abducting or with the intention of wrongfully confining a person under circumstances which may reasonably cause him to apprehend that he will be unabled to have recourse to the public authorities for release .”

This IPC Section 100 was implemented in Usharani’s case because she hit her husband to death with her son’s bat when he tried to rape her daughter . Usharani was let free in this case by Police and this decision has been also accepted by the concerned Court of Law.

In the case of the grandmother from Sivagangai , a 65 year old lady , who hacked her son to death for attempting to rape his daughter , she has been arrested – maybe because of the investigative officers involved may be unaware of the possibility of releasing her under IPC 100 after a fair investigation The prevalence of such a section is commonly not known to many who play a vital role in the Government sector .

This campaign is to make a pitch for promulgating the existence and importance of such a provision in Indian Penal Code and construct a clear clairvoyance of IPC 100 amidst common people. This will empower the one who is in the hardest situation of envisaging criminal atrocities.

Do sign this campaign and be a part to spread the importance of implementing IPC 100 in many cases where defence is meant to save life or to protect ones modesty .

This law is not only for defending one's relatives or known persons, it is meant for anybody defending another person known or unknown . This will go a long way in addressing the issue of people in India turning a blind eye to the heinous crimes being committed in front of their eyes.

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