Justice For Gatsby's Murder

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Today at 5:45 am, in broad daylight our dog Gatsby was shot to death in our house by a DHA officer for no reason or cause.

He was a rescued dog who was full of life and love. He was shot even though he was wearing a collar. 

We lost a part of our family today. We lost someone who loved us unconditionally.

Gatsby came to us in the middle of a storm in 2016, crying because his whole family had been killed. He was only 2 months old. We took him in, and from that day onwards he stuck to us like glue. We were the only family he had.

He was the happiest and most intelligent dog we had ever come across. Full of life and always a spring in his step. He was always smuggling snacks from the kitchen and frolicking around in the garden with his stuff toy without a care in the world.
He did not deserve this. No dog deserves this. No family deserves this.

We will not let his death go in vain. We want justice. We want the man who senselessly murdered him put behind bars. Gatsby's murder was illegal and unjustified.

The security guard who killed him has to be jailed, if not, a horrible precedent will be set for our pets. Justice has to be served.