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The improper use of Elite Special Forces' Balidan badge, Maroon Beret, Marcos badge

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I am against the improper use of the Balidan badge, Maroon Beret, Marcos Badge and other armed forces accessories for personal gains because they are supposed to be earned not bought just to pose as an army official. It can considered as military impersonation scam and I need everyone's help to maintain the gravity of the matter so that it reaches to the concerned officials. A person who is now a public figure used Indian Armed Forces as his marketing tool and came up by carrying Marcos badge, Balidan badge and Maroon Beret in his videos, our youth thinks that person is related to armed forces and trains the commandos but in reality Shifuji Shaurya Bhardwaj is the valour thief who used the name of Indian Army for personal gains. The fact is he never served in Forces and never got appointed as a commando trainer. The training is provided by the experienced officers who have been on covert operations, subtactical strikes, etc and it is highly confidential, one cannot endorse himself as a commando trainer to gain fame. In USA there is a stolen valour act but in India no strong law is there to prevent military impersonation. IPC 419 is there but police due to high influence of that particular person does nothing. I have filed a complaint in Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Home Affairs & Ministry of Information and broadcasting, the complaint numbers are as follows MODEF/E/2017/00532, MODEF/E/2017/00533, MINHA/E/2016/06416, MINHA/E/2017/00724. Media is also involved in spreading false information like Shifuji Shaurya Bhardwaj is the commando trainer in Army's Fighting regiment but in reality there is no such regiment exist in our Indian Army. It's the one of a kind case of stolen valour and I need help of everyone to add boost to my voice. When I first raised my voice people titled me anti national because I asked about the rank of so called commando trainer shifuji Shaurya Bhardwaj, he uses military badges, poses like an army official then there must be some rank like Lieutenant, Captain, Major, Lieutenant Colonel, Colonel etc. I hope my voice will reach till the Defence ministry through and we all can bring a change so that 'Nakli Faujis' dont ever dare to steal the valour of the real Armed Forces officers who actually safeguard us & if needed sacrifice their life too for the nation and earn respect instead of posing like an army official because civilians are not so familiar with Military Code Of conduct & Elite Special Forces. 

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