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Request DGCA to come up with UAV guidelines for Commercial and Recreational uses of UAVs

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Till 2014, nobody knew and nobody cared about drones. Then, as they gained popularity around the globe, citing a threat to aviation and security, they were banned.

In April 2016 DGCA came up with a draft guidelines where major points where

1. 200 feet cap ( mapping and surveying issues)

2. Unique identification No. (UIN) 

3.UAOP permit for UAV Pilots ( 3 months prior) 

4.Post UAOP seek permission from AAI, MHA, Local Police, Department of Telecomunication

5. Pilot training equivalent to CPL

To fly drones above 200 feet, you need to set aside four to six months first.

The whole point of drones is to expedite procedures and make things happen faster. But if you need 6 months to just lobby for government permissions for every time you fly above 200 feet, nobody is going to want to use drone technology for anything. But still there are more than 8000-10000 drones (rough estimate) operating in india making india one of the biggest importer of drones. 

By banning the technology it will ground the billion dollar industry and the startups working in this field will also die, increasing in grey market of drones. If the guidelines are clear Make in India, and Startup India initiative can be taken forward by opening manufacturing units of Drone startups from india and abroad. 

Drones apart from Aerial Filming are used for Aerial 2D and 3D Mapping, Inspections, Surveys, Wildlife Monitoring, Agriculture, Mining, RealEstate, and Disaster Management.

Already the Pilots and firms from our association are giving services to Indian Railways, City Police, National Buildings Construction Corporation Ltd., Wind farms, Solar farms, Water Irrigation Department, Power Grid corporation of India and even for the Adfilms for Governement agencies and political parties. But we are the one who is suffering due to the still unclear guidelines.

We all the RC enthusiasts from India request DGCA to release the guidelines in our favour just like FAA did in America and to protect the rights of civilians and organizations to fly model aircraft and multirotors for personal, public service and commercial use with all the safety measures and practical implementations. 



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