Change Education 2020

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Debbie Inglis
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We need to change the way and what our children are taught in today's schools and education system. Since the shutdown schools have been open to those most vulnerable. They are not closed. Parents are beginning to see what schools are forced to teach their children. We have forgotten that they are children and we have conditioned them into becoming "test passers". Our education system is not preparing them for the "real world". The children have become data. Data for the politicians to show how effective they are. This must stop for the sake of our children. Below is what we NEED as a profession to see.

Change education in 2020 101.

1. High stakes accountability goes in its current form. Ofsted is dead, change it.

2. League Tables scrapped

3. SATS and ALL testing in Primary particularly, gone.

4. The National Curriculum is radically slimmed down and made very simple and small (designed by education people)

5. Unions to come together to give one clear message to Government

6. 10 year funding plan (like NHS)

7. Make education apolitical

This 130 year old behemoth needs to change direction, the path it has been on DOES NOT WORK ANYMORE THE WORLD HAS CHANGED. So lets change course one degree at a time, it will take a generation but we have to start somewhere, sometime.