Rescue Australians Stranded in Peru due to Coronavirus

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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the country of Peru closed its borders for a 15-day "self-imposed" quarantine on 16/3 at 11:59PM with no grace period or warning to allow travelers to return home.

On hearing the news,  the airport had crowds of people massing outside, police in riot gear with shields and military rifles, with single one-way flights going up to $6,300. Now, the airport is closed. Even flights booked after the 15 days, on April 1, are being canceled. We hope we're allowed to go home even after 15 days.

The quarantine doesn't allow going outside from 6pm to 6am. No walking in groups. Police cars are patrolling constantly, and we see Instagram videos that they can arrest you in the streets. It is frightening to be stuck in a country where you don't speak the language, and you don't know if they offer the same citizen rights as Australia.

There are about over 22 plus Australians in Peru and some  in rural areas up to 18hrs from Lima by car. There are over 120 Peruvian people that are stuck in Australia as well who want to come home  

Only government to government repatriation flights are now allowed in lima. With flights going to Los Angeles, London, San Diego to help out the Americans, witch has direct flights to Australia for there.

We know Australia they arent sending a plane. But we also need ground clearance to get everyone to the plane as we risk imprisonment if we get in a vehicle without it & we need the flights to be affordable or able to be paid once home. Not everyone has the $5160 that Chimu Adventures or $2500 Qantas is asking.

The UK did it & now have a plane coming for £250 to be paid once they return home. They also got their people to the airport, even those 18 hrs away from Lima in govt sanctioned minivans. Chile has done it. USA & many others.

We also need information from govt, ideally via email confirming that the flight & transport is DFAT endorsed and not getting informed about updates in 17 days and counting.  Many people are buying these flights, blowing their budgets with no guarantees.

We also need ALL people repatriated with none left behind. WITCH WE ARE WAITING TO GET HOME. 

Check out these page to see the people who are still stuck here