Bring home Australians stranded in Nepal due to Coronavirus!

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Following the outbreak of Coronavirus, today Nepal has gone into lockdown and closed its borders, preventing all travellers from leaving. Currently only aircraft belonging to the security agencies are able to fly over Nepali airspace. All international and domestic flights are cancelled. This has left many Australians stranded across the country with no way to make it back home.  

Many were completing treks which left them cut off from communications with the outside world and unaware of the events unfolding globally. Once they made it back to the main towns they were told that flights were delayed or cancelled. In desperate attempts to get home many have been booking new flights daily, with flight after flight getting cancelled as each of the airlines ceased operating in the region. With one airline remaining to fly people home, the airports closed today ruining people’s last attempts to get out.

As part of the lockdown people have to stay in their hotels, only allowed out for urgent matters like attending to a medical issue or to buy food. Police are patrolling the streets to enforce this lockdown.
For many stranded individuals this is a frightening time to be stuck in a country where you don't speak the language, with limited communication and no idea of when you can get home. For their families this is an equally challenging time with the ongoing uncertainty of when their loved ones will be safely back home again.

We understand that the Australian embassy is trying to organise transport to bring everyone together and a plane to get people back home but this needs to be approved by local government and will be a slow process. Please can we expedite this process and send a plane to bring them home as soon as possible with no one left behind!