Protest Against Unfair ECON2000 Week 10 Remedial Midterm Exam

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Students taking ECON2000 this semester have been brought to the attention that all sections will be required to retake their midterm examination during week 10 because Section X had a copy of the exam before the date of the original midterm.

We believe this is an unfair solution for a number of different reasons:

1) Most students did not have a copy of the midterm posted by accident. It would be unfair to ask all students to participate in the consequence of the academic dishonesty of a few students in one section.

2) It does not take into consideration that most, if not all students spent the majority of our reading week studying for this examination.

3) It would be especially inconsiderate if the midterm is administered on week 10, as every student will be completing their end-of-term projects, presentations and essays. Retaking the exam during that time would add a significant amount of stress to all the second year students.

York University's Schulich School of Business should not engage in the unfair treatment of their students who are already being academically, mentally and emotionally challenged from the rigorous program for circumstances that were outside of their control.

We kindly ask for alternative remedial options that are in the best interests of your students to be reconsidered.