Syncrob​.​it to fulfill their customers orders

Syncrob​.​it to fulfill their customers orders

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Started by Nicholas Karpik

To whom it may concern, 
I’d like to file a formal complaint regarding one of your listed manufacturers, 
We placed a large order for their hardware back in April of 2021 with an order number of sb7300. We expected and confirmed that shipment was to arrive early September, We’re now into late January of 2022 and they have gone radio silent on us and many other customers asking for answers, some asking for refunds, others have shipped back defective hardware per syncrobits instruction with no response as to when they’re getting anything back. 

Upon digging I suspect that a substantial portion of incoming shipments are going to a new company called and being sold at a much higher price than early customers paid, this is likely an attempt to maximize profits at the cost of early adopters. 

I request that syncrobit be taken off the vendors list on your website until they get their act straight. We are preparing to file suit against their company and gathering signatures from others that have been taken advantage of. We will be forwarding a copy of the suit to dewi once it’s compiled.

64 have signed. Let’s get to 100!