Save Tiverton Leat

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Tiverton Town Leat is in crisis it is heritage at risk. The Leat has run since 1260 from six miles at its source high up by Knightshayes National Trust Estate down to Tiverton. It is an ancient and historical feature some of it runs underground and part of the problem is pipes broken and flooding due to this and debris it can flow over into residents gardens. The main area to see the Leat is in an ancient road called Castle Street which is itself in a sorry neglected state. The open leat there has cobbles all broken it then continues past the pannier market dated 1830 into town and bubbles up at Coogans Well in the High Street. All dried up over a year and intermittent for years. The Leat is our heritage and brings life and vibrancy to our town. It is our civic duty to preserve this for future generations.