Remove the recent road alterations put in place around Exeter

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Road alterations have sprung up around Exeter with little warning or notice given prior to their installation. They are causing difficulty for those who rely on their cars for mobility or for work, impacting on carers attending to vulnerable people within the community and increase emergency services attendance times.


Pitched as environmentalism people claim they make walking and cycling safer and will encourage people to choose these methods of transport. However, rather than addressing congestion they are funnelling traffic onto fewer routes and increasing congestion. The distance of journeys is increased and combined with increasing waits in traffic queues due to congestion it creates more pollution than previously. Traffic in some cases has been diverted past schools increasing potential danger to pupils when attendance increases post pandemic.

Sadly the worst part of this is that vulnerable members of society are being discriminated against. Their access being restricted as they cannot opt to walk or cycle. These include groups such as the elderly, those with disabilities and carers.

The Magdalen road area although it has a great community feel contains a series of small local businesses. These areas rely on passing trade and this is being reduced placing their income at risk at an already difficult time.

We the undersigned find the measures discriminatory, poorly thought out, and a disadvantage for many in the community. They are increasing issues with pollution and traffic congestion in other areas of the city. Please arrange for the removal of these alterations as soon as possible.