Remove ravine crossing from Devon AB 2017 Municipal Plans.

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 Urgent!  Remove any reference to a ravine transportation crossing through pristine Old Growth Forest, wetlands and adjacent Battery Creek ravine ecosystems from all Devon Alberta 2017 and future Municipal Plans.   A major bridge or road would cross the shown ravine above about midway destroying 10 acres of centuries old plant communities and wildlife habitat.  Share as quickly as possible as final bylaw vote occurs within a few weeks.  Include Postal Code.

There is a POTENTIAL BRIDGE OR ROAD CROSSING BATTERY CREEK RAVINE planned over the LAST NATURAL TRULY QUIET PLACE in Devon where people can enjoy no road noise and relax and listen to the trickling creek, leaves rustling and birds singing. It is shown north of the Cemetery to link proposed 4 lane roads to Miquelon Avenue on both the MDP (Municipal Development Plan) and Battery Creek ASP (Area Structure Plan).  We Devon residents who want to keep our last most natural ravine system quiet and the Miquelon Avenue neighborhood wild must let town and council know. Maps and documents are available at  Concerning the ravine crossing look for the MDPmap6  for circulation and ASP map Future Land Use Concept where a major artery coming off the Hwy 19 intersection runs north through the area to a "Potential Future Ravine Crossing" midway along the east border. This crossing would link to a  four lane Miquelon Avenue on the west side.

All of the Connecting Devon Open House responses have environmental preservation at the top of the list. The recently completed Recreation Master Plan comments also put appreciation and protection of Devon's natural areas at the top. Even with this a potential road/bridge crossing is still on the plan.

Ensure the town sees how many residents value these areas and are more than willing to go around. Some points to consider are below.

Why Devon Planners justify a Ravine crossing?

- WON'T BE FOR MANY YEARS-WHY BE CONCERNED? Devon residents are all concerned that our children, grandchildren, and future residents have a quiet, safe, uniquely beautiful community with virtually untouched wild natural areas. We want to leave a healthy community and beautiful town as our legacy.


- SHORTEN COMMUTE: from annex to center of town. At present the commute is 6 minutes from north end of cemetery road in Battery Creek annex via Hwy 19 and 60 to Florida Pizza -6 minutes! – several test runs repeated within seconds of this time. 4min to hospital and arena. Residents are more than happy to travel this way and preserve ravine. Future residents will love the natural areas as we do.  Edmonton's 3 transit crossings over Whitemud Creek are over 2X further apart - Devon's proposes a crossing at a 1K interval on a 2k length - does not make sense.

- EMS (Emergency Medical Services) moved to South Ravines to serve both areas within a safe 3k radius, when annex built up then EMS there, more cost effective and less environmental destructive than ravine bridge/road.

- What do other urban areas do? More experienced urban centers build ring
roads, ie Anthony Henday in Edm and Calgary’s ring road. Traffic is drawn away from the urban center, residential neighborhoods and schools – hwy19 and 60 will become service roads when future Hwy19 finished -they are our ring roads.

- EDMONTON'S WHITEMUD CREEK CROSSINGS ARE MORE THAN 2X FARTHER APART IN DENSELY DEVELOPED SURROUNDINGS. There are 3 bridges/road crossings over Whitemud Creek from the river going south to Anthony Henday. The crossing : Fox Drive to Whitemud Drive is 2.5 k, Whitemud Drive to 23 Ave is 3.25k, 23 Ave to A. Henday is 3k. Battery Creek is 2k total a crossing would occur at 1k interval. There is less now and future development density around Battery Creek than around Whitemud Creek. Why do planners feel we need a ravine crossing at a short 1k distance when it only takes only 6 minutes to down town? This bridge or road will be very expensive to build and maintain – to save 2-3 minutes?

TOWN SOLEY RESPONSIBLE TO BUILD OR NOT. Letter from the Min. of Transp Office states this crossing is a town decision not Alberta Ministry of  Transportation jurisdiction.

Why to NOT build Ravine Crossing and keep area natural?

1. MAJORITY OF RESIDENTS DO NOT WANT bridge or road over Battery Creek ravine. Washout Battery Creeks Nature Sanctuary support signature documents recorded over 97% of residents at home in across town neighborhoods signed their names to support the Nature Sanctuary Proposal (on file in January 2014 council minutes) Residents want this last wild area of Devon untouched. Open House, Questionnaire and Recreation Master Plan respondents state nature preservation at the top of their list.

2. NOT SAFE FOR SCHOOL CHILDREN to bring excessive traffic into residential neighborhoods and 1½ blocks from Holy Spirit Elementary School. Many children ride their bikes and walk south to Highwood, Birchwood and the Ravines. With ravine crossing they will have to cross a busy 4 lane dangerous road.

- exhaust and traffic noise into air, industrial contaminants will wash into the
creek polluting important Walleye and other river fish spawning, plant and wildlife habitat.

3. UNWANTED, UNNECESSARY VERY EXPENSIVE road or bridge to build and maintain.

4. PRESERVE LAST QUIET NATURE AREA Down near the creek is where we can hear water trickling, leaves rustling and bird song. Do we want the
wildlife to leave and we are left with traffic noise. It is a wonderful,
relaxing serene natural area important for emotional and mental health.  Its all FREE!

5. AMOUNT OF RAVINE DESTRUCTION WOULD BE MASSIVE. Bridges and roads almost always run way over budget and result are much more ecologically destructive, erosive and expensive than was expected even with environmental consultants input. A great deal more cost will be necessary to repair them.

Keep the Battery Washout Creek system untouched this natural area where we can hear. How calming and uplifting is this compared to a 4 lane busy thoroughfare.

"REMOVE POTENTIAL FUTURE TRANSPORTATION CROSSING " or any reference to a transportation crossing over Battery Creek ravine FROM DEVON'S 2017 and ALL FUTURE MUNICIPAL PLANS"