:rage: We demand the resignation of The Flock TeamSpeak Admin Guacamole :rage:

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On Tuesday, April 10, 2018 Guacamole forcibly and violently renamed the majority of TeamSpeak channels on The Flock server:rage: Despite the channels'  insistence that he needed to be at a hospital the next day to attend to patients, Guacamole forcibly pulled the channels from their seat and to the floor of the cabin:rage: His face was slammed against his arm rest, which broke off of the seat:rage: He can be seen bleeding from his mouth as he is dragged down the aisle:rage:

After public shock and outrage, Guacamole delivered a non-apology apology where she stated “I apologize for having to apologize to these channels:rage::rage:

Guacamole claims that the channels were chosen at random to be removed from the flight, which Guacamole overbooked:rage: Had they not overbooked it, or had they offered higher rates for volunteers, or even had they avoided the brutal use of force, this incident could have been avoided entirely:rage:

In addition, Guacamole is Australian:rage: I rest my case:rage:

Guacamole's actions endanger the safety of the community, and she must resign as admin:rage: 4Head