Greater Safety Precautions For Schools

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My main goal is making schools across the United States more safe, as well as making the students within them feel safe. Sadly, school shootings are becoming an epidemic, and it’s time for all of us to stand up and make a change happen! The students of America deserve to feel safe when they go to school each and everyday, not worried for there safety. With every signature I get it helps not only me, but every student in America to become one step closer to feeling more safe in their schools. I am currently advocating for changes such as: getting more security guards and/or officers in each school, metal detectors at entrances, bullet proof barricades for each door in schools, new locks for all of the doors in each building as well as mandatory locked doors, and also better identification of visitors entering the schools. The list goes on and on. Please keep in mind that every single signature counts so don’t get discouraged! Change is on the horizon! Thank you.