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Stop Organized Predatory Gang Stalking

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eBay has sanctioned an Organized Predatory Gang Stalking campaign on various sellers voicing their opinions about eBay on YouTube. This petition is aimed at showing eBay Inc what their Top Rated Sellers are doing online against users that include buyers and sellers of and also their online critics.

YouTube Channels of Top eBay Sellers have been cyber stalking and harassing former buyers, sellers and Critics at their home and workplace now for years posting Abusive Material on Websites and stalking them on Social Media of which some examples of Organized Predatory Gang Stalking have been listed below.

Examples of documented predatory abuse are:

  • Mail fraud
  • Racketeering
  • Social Media / Reputation Smear
  • Doxing
  • Workplace Harassment and Swatting
  • Elderly Abuse / Revenge Crime
  • Gang Stalking by Private Investigators

The mission of Organized Predatory Gang Stalking:

  • Getting one terminated from their job
  • Smearing them on Public News or Social Media
  • Having them arrested on bogus internet abuse charges
  • Trying to seize their property or assets
  • Home invasion or robbery / stealing property

We have evidence that eBay and PayPal employees are taking part in Organized Predatory Gang Stalking of online Critics, smearing them and calling their workplace to get them terminated from their union jobs. This is being condoned by eBay Inc and eBay needs to put a stop to these users by terminating their selling privileges and PayPal accounts. Please sign our petition so we can send this to eBay Inc 

thank you.

Petition Disclaimer:

Evidence can be shown to any interested party that there is abuse going on by eBay Inc and that eBay needs to put a stop to it by getting rid of any top rated sellers that abuse users who are buyers or sellers of eBay. Our last petition was false flagged and then ultimately removed by and we believe the Top Seller from eBay that flagged it was from the Haworth or Oradell New Jersey area or eBay themselves.

Someone doesn't like the truth but we have exposed all of it on our sites along with evidence for review. Our 1st amendment rights allow us to post petitions like this to effect change in the community, so ask yourself why someone would want to remove our original petition and claim it violated terms. and it's because someone that supports corporate wrongdoing doesn't want the message getting out.

We're asking CHANGE.ORG to not remove this petition. and consider all future abuse reports as "false flags".

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