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Demand Devin Nunes fight for a responsible budget now!

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Our national debt is nearing $20 TRILLION.

The current Representative of our district, Devin Nunes, has favored increasing federal spending, with the most current example being the $1.1 trillion increase passed in May, 2017. The interest expense to sustain this was $432.6 billion in 2016 alone. 

To put this into perspective, our deficit in fiscal year 2016 was $552 billion, 78% of our deficit was to repay old debt! And as our debt grows, so do the required payments. Just imagine what our country could do for citizens with an additional $400 billion a year... We could salvage Social Security, build more dams for water storage, or end veteran homelessness nationwide! To realize the potential we have in wiping out this debt, we must identify and clamp down on fraud, waste and abuse in government. Our Pentagon "lost" $6.5 trillion last year, there was $144 billion in improper payments, and $1.7 billion per year on vacant federal buildings... there are hundreds more cases of wasteful government spending.

Additionally, there are some representatives talking about creating NEW TAXES to offset income tax cuts. This is not the fix we want or need!

If at some point we are unable to pay this debt, we could see the United States declaring bankruptcy. At what point will we say it is enough, before or after it is to late? 

Join me in telling Devin Nunes we are tired of the irresponsible spending in Washington! The money they use are OUR tax dollars, not their fun money!!!

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