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Unban Zephleit

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  Zephleit has been apart of the deviantART community for several year. His art has made an impact on multitudes of people. This same art has acculmated to over 1 million pageviews on his account, a feat of greatness that not so many artist on the online body can achieve. 

  On August 22, 2014 Zephleit was unfairly banned from the wired community. This action presumed to be taken by the administrators is of the utmost unfairness and has hundreds of fellow deviantART artist wondering what's wrong and when or if he'll be back. A renowned designer made contact with Zephleit in an attempt to find out why the artist has been banned. Zephleit was shockingly prohibited from the website due to a picture he submitted over 2 years ago. DeviantART has a strict policy against mature artwork and gives users the options to submit said artwork, as long as it warns users before they can view it. Not only did Z tag it as a mature piece, he also had cencorship to conform with the community's policies to prevent this type of action to happen.

  Of all days for this unjust exploit to occur, it was on his 25th birthday. Some fans and watchers believe his sudden deactivation to be a birthday prank, when other fans know that it is not. This action must be resolved as soon as possible, so I have made this petition to restore reconciliation between Zephleit and the people over at deviantART who made this unfair decision. Not only has this happened to Zephleit but other artist like Mazjojo etc. 

  If you believe this action is inconsiderate and want to help Zephleit back to deviantART please sign this petition. 


*View Zephleits response to his banishment here: *Click*

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