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DeviantART: Require Model Release & Verification

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DeviantArt has provided a forum for people to share and improve their talents and skills for 17 years. However, people are abusing this service to share galleries full of unconsented photographic content and pedophilic photographic content of vague to explicit obscenity.

When reported, members of the staff flagged some of this content as "appropriate." Now, many of these offending deviations can not be reported again, because one staff member found it appropriate at some point in the past.

Thus, we - the signed - believe Deviantart needs to REQUIRE model verification and model release to submit photography depicting people.

  1. Consent of models is excruciatingly important. Without a model release, it's uncertain if the "model" even agreed to have their photo taken or shared on DeviantArt. There are galleries full of what looks like selfies, taken without the intention of it being displayed to anyone other than the receiver. The usage of someone else's image, without their consent, is highly destructive. This is called "revenge porn" when explicit.
  2. Without model verification, it's unknown of the "model" is an adult. There’s many deviations with “models” of questionable age ranging from vaguely inappropriate to outright pedophilic.

The longer DeviantArt allows this content, the more they become complicit in being a hub for possible child pornography and revenge porn. The longer they ignore multiple reports - simply on the basis it has been reported before - the stronger they send the message to pedophiles and violators that they may take haven in DeviantArt and share images that hurt people.

Thank you for signing and please share!

Edit 2/25/2018: 

Until this problem is solved on DeviantArt, I suggest signers take a hiatus from the site. Post a journal with a link to this petition, maybe put your deviations in storage, and use a different website in the meantime. Unless DeviantArt sees a drop in usage of their site, they're never going to notice this issue. Some suggested sites to use, instead:

Wysp - like DeviantArt lite. It doesn't have categories or print as options, but it has a tagging system. It also has the ability to upvote, collect/fave, and follow other artists.

Weasyl - there's a lot of furry artists on here, but the site isn't specifically just for furries. I haven't used this one much. Adult photography isn't allowed.

Tumblr - I notice a lot of people who used to use DeviantArt use tumblr, more often, to post art.

Definitely not required, but I feel this is important to throw out there.

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