Get Rid of Gtjerwp(and his Sock accounts)

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back during 2017 New Year, someone from Hungary start bullied me for my views of the world and my unique crossover fanwork, and I Blocked him only to have him persuade me to unblock him(through his psychological trickery in his own comment at my own Hitler video that I made over TVtropes rejecting my work) so he decided to flood my deviantart posts with his insults often just because my stuff is against official version of real world things(there's good reasons I can't stand official version of real world events not only it demonizing Muslims while often treating any of it's opponents as saints), at least some of his views are the reason there's too many people believes Aliens never contacts us among many other things like that. he's also hate my mega-crossover project named Ani-toonspiracy often just because at least some of the series and characters that I use there are portrayed differently from their source material selves(even when I don't intentionally make them 100 percent OOC either) either due to Source material scrappiness.

he even make counterfic against my and my friend's mega-crossovers and this can be hypocritical since his counterfic is still fanwork while he thinks all fanworks are Copyright Infringement

more details for this petition:

here's his sock accounts:

and during his calling out, we finds out that he's also 4chan user that's harass other people and he's also hails from /tg/ board of 4chan(this can be utterly hypocritical as whatever he attacks people for "Canon Defilement, they do that "Canon Defilement" themselves often just as much as people they're attacks, if not more so). since he's don't visit deviantart for now(for long time), we asked you to get rid of his accounts(or at least anything that his accounts posted in Deviantart)

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