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IceFatal is an ex-user of DeviantART until taken down from the community due to a situation between her and AkaiDalia (Which has now been resolved).

They have made up again on Furaffinity through notes, which I can screenshot to prove.


The thing is, I really love this site, I've been dedicated to it for six years, there are people I have met on that site that mean the world to me, especially ones in my DA family who I just really miss.

I've met all my good friends on there, including my boyfriend and I don't want my journey to end just because of how I did something stupid a while ago, multiple times and all I can state is I love so many people on the community of that website, I could never leave them.

As a child I was bullied a lot in school and this site with my artwork in a way was a massive freedom release for me. I promise I will never ever plan on harming anyone else on that site, I will block those who hurt my emotions and try to befriend my enemies, because I realized, after all this time, the way to defeating your enemies is by friending them.

AkaiDalia, I apologise for all the agony I've put you through as an individual through my friends or myself, I feel hugely ashamed by any suffering brought to you and I hope we can be friends for forever on.

DeviantART Staff, I know that I have been told multiple times that I couldn't step foot on the site again for my stupid actions, but trust me this time, even if I have to get rid of the remaining of my 17 months prem or even half my watchers, I just want to be on the site to rebond, find my future friends and help build my life, because really, this site has been a part of my life for a long, long time.


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