Ban YoshiWii1 from deviantART and YouTube permanently

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This person has been harassing people on the internet long enough. Recently he had caused a YouTube channel that contain non-offensive videos involving him to be taken down for no legit reason.

He needs to be removed from DA (and youtube) because  he has offended those with disabilities, especially those with Asbergers (by using it to excuse his horrific behavior and habits), offended homosexuals, offended people who experience anxiety those whom have had anxiety attacks, acts shallow, perverted, and creepy, towards other DA users, ESPECIALLY towards women, blocking and flagging people nonstop because of supposed costructive criticism he refers to as "spam and hate", and is so obsessed with a video game character (Amy Rose), he harasses and is rude to people with differing opinions or think otherwise and has already had many DA users banned from the site.

The link below provides evidence of this person's disturbing and rude behavior. It is Part 1, but I recommend watching parts 1 and 2 to get the full story.

This guy has the potential of becoming a real life threat to others both online and offline - he had already cyberstalked somebody. This needs to stop!

The deviantART administrators won't do anything unless they are made aware of this creeper and our voices are heard! Sign this petition to get this person removed from deviantART and YouTube for good!

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