Ban PrincessElizabeth013 from DeviantArt and Fur Affinity

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PrincessElizabeth013 (also known as "Elizabeth-the-Hedgehog" on Fur Affinity) or Erin - is a 14 year old child,who have done many bad things to people on DeviantArt.

We don't know if it's true or not but she hacked a Scratch user (victims YouTube - "Sasha G").Her photo changed to an image with 4 letters saying "Erin",on profile information it says "Elizabeth",location was changed to Germany.Also,her password changed to "Birthday" and her e-mail changed to "HAPPYBIRTHDAYSASHAHERESYOURPRESENT@ARMYSPY.COM".You can barely read that it says "Happy Birthday Sasha here's your present".In the moment when Sasha G was doing a Join.me about this,Erin (PrincessElizabeth013) went to the chatroom and started making excuses that she haven't hacked anyone.

Erin also have a Mary-Sue recolour character - Princess Elizabeth.What makes her character a Mary-Sue and a recolour,is that she's a princess (that makes her very powerful),she's immortal (she even said that by saving someone from a burning building she got immortality as a gift),she looks like a female version of SEGA's character Shadow the Hedgehog (it makes her character very unnoriginal),she have multiple personalities.Elizabeth have 13 boyfriends,few of them are kids,sooner she cheated on all of them and decided to stay with a Sonic recolour that her friend had.Erin also replaced a robot E123-Omega from Team Dark with her Shadow recolour and thinks that this is her own "new Team Dark".

She hates Homosexuals,Yaoi and Yuri fans.It's okay not to like Homosexuality if you think it's wrong.But everytime she's meeting one,she insults them telling them "to go murder themselfs,go to hell" and etc.

If you want to draw her character,you have to ask her permission first,or pay to her for having her character as a cameo.Even when you're making her a gift,you still need to ask her permission,which removes the point of it being a gift.If you won't ask her permission,or use DeviantArt's mention sytem to notify her that you're finishing your drawing,she will scream at you for not asking her permission and even report you for not notifying her first.

One person drew a gift art for other person,including a Yuri picture of Rouge the Bat and Erin's character Elizabeth.She started yelling for not asking her permission to draw her character for someone,and she reported it for making a Yuri art of her character and Rouge.Same with other Yuri art,she blocks and reports anyone who makes Yuri art with her character.

Erin is so called "Proud Christian",she tries to make people believe in Jesus and Bible.She's a hypocrite who hide people's comments with some critique,that can help her how to make her character more original,how to change for a good side.By a second when someone posted a comment,she blocks anyone who tried to help her or give her a great critique.As you can see,Erin can't take critisism well.She yells,that people who try to help her are "haters".DeviantArt is not just a public site,where other people can see your posts and artwork,but also a site to help people to improve their art skills or behaviour.Without critiques,DeviantArt isn't a site.It's nothing.

Erin do stupid pity journals to gather some attention,then she deletes them on the next day after few people commented.For example,she mentioned people that she blocked and named the journal "Wall of Shame of Elizabeth Haters";she had few journals complaining about her "haters","trolls" and telling them to go away,leave her alone.

On her profile she have "rules" and her stamp collection.All the stamps are religion stamps,Anti Sonic characters and Anti Sonic pairings stamps.She only likes one Sonic pairing and hates the other ones (especially yaoi and yuri ones).

What makes her more of a hypocrite,is that she disables comments on her "art".She also recolours SEGA's official artwork and Sonic X screenshots.She had so called "love roleplays" with adults on Fur Affinity site.Fur Affinity is not for people her age,because it's a site for +18 adult artwork.

She's always asking for free art,begging for commissions at a third if a price,and art trades and at one point when a friend said no,she cursed and yelled at them.Even after the commission is done,she isn't grateful about them at all.

She will complain about art she requested to be done,picking out details. 

Recently she asked for an art trade and while she was only suppose to do a picture (it's the most recent picture she did by the way) she requested the other girl to do one with 5 people and with all this detail, while she did barely anything on her own picture.Very unfair.

She keeps posting journals to send people to attack others (like recently she sent two people to bother someone else on an old picture because he didn't hear her request to take it down, because he wasn't online and jumped to conclusions and made a journal about it just to bully him) 

And finally, screaming f*** you to nearly everyone on this site,flipping the bird,calling them insults when they say anything to her- ugh.

Sign this petition if you want PrincessElizabeth013 banned from DeviantArt,Fur Affinity and from the internet for good!We had enough of drama,let's end this and make DeviantArt a peaceful place like it was before!

Her DeviantArt: princesselizabeth013.deviantart.com

Her Fur Affinity: furaffinity.net/user/elizabeth-the-hedgehog/

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