Women's and Children's Safety

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"Ache Din Ayenge" is what we were told and while as a citizen of one of the fastest developing countries , "ache din " meant growth, financial development, better infrastructure, curb on the inflation, employment opportunities etc etc; as a woman of this country, as a sister, as an aunt, as a friend I also hoped "Acche din " would mean a safer country for women and children, one where the women and children feel secured and reassured. However, the number of rapes, gang rapes, sexual offences against women and children have only increased.

We are living in a day and age where the cows are protected and fought for (which is great, I am all for animal protection and safety) but why are the women forgotten? 

Why is a movie with a fictional story a national issue for weeks and months but the real issues are ignored?A child being raped in school, a 100 year old woman raped in her home, a woman being molested while commuting, a girl being a victim of acid attack because she made a choice to reject a man..have we become so immune to these incidents that they don't matter anymore? Or will we wait till it happens to one of our own? 

Why are the rapists, sexual offenders, molestors, acid attackers, stalkers walking fearlessly on the roads, in the malls, in schools, hospitals , using public transports but the parents fear sending their children to schools, women fear commuting from a long day at work, girls fear venturing out alone?

The usual response to any form of sexual violence is to reduce women’s freedoms, choices and rights. But why not have stricter punishments for the offenders?

I recently read an article stating Madhya Pradesh passed a bill proposing death penalty or a minimum term of 14-year rigorous imprisonment or life imprisonment till death for raping girls aged 12 or less. The minimum punishment increases to 20 years rigorous imprisonment for gang rape of girls aged 12 or less.The bill also proposes punishment for disrobing, stalking or sex on the pretext of marriage. The jail term increases for second or subsequent offences.

I urge a bill to be passed in the state of Maharashtra proposing speedy trials and capital punishment (death penalty)for the rape of minors and/or women.Rigorous and non bailable  imprisonment of minimum 20 years for Sexual offences, stalking, acid attacks. 

The case must be followed up and dealt with swiftly and effectively by the legal system so that perpetrators  fear the repercussions of their actions. The police must be trained to treat the matter sensitively and be less judgemental towards the victim.

 Our children are our future and the women today are shaping this future with one foot at home and the other in professional world. They need to be protected and made to feel safe in their own homes, cities and the country no less than any being.

We as a society too need to be more supportive and less judgemental of the victims and educate whoever we can to respect and treat women better!