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Where is the Footpath, why are we walking on the road??

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Dear All

Mumbai has totally lost its charm, thanks to hawkers every where. There is no place for us to walk at all. 

Where have the footpaths disappeared? Half of them or more are taken over by hawkers selling fruits, vegetables, vada pav, aarey stalls, bus stops etc.

Today the number of cars bikes autos have also increased multifold. They are all parked on both sides of the roads. Plus Footpath is covered by hawkers and all. Where do I walk. Today I'm walking on the main road practically.

We can stay alert I guess always while waking in the forest.. but think about kids, elderly person, physically challenged, pregnant women, etc. All vulnerable to accidents.. 

Apart from taking over the space, have you ever seen the amount of filth and garbage. Some might be throwing it in the bin for bmc to collect later. But truth is lot of it is going on the gutters. Choking the gutter, leading to flooding, mosquito breeding, foul contaminated air in the vicinity etc.

Worst areas are actually stations. All approach roads to the railway station are filled with hawkers. Railway bridge is like a market place.. All this must stop. 

Government must work out a plan to clear our Footpath to help make our area a better place to live. I don't think bmc will ever do it. Hence writing this petition to you Mr CM. 

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