We want a proper investigation against PVR classes for suicide case of Mr. Ashutosh Singh

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Recently on 8th nov,2019 : A maths Proffesser Mr. Ashutosh Singh Raghuwanshi attempted suicide because of his co-partners of “PVR -the science hub" they harrassed him to such an extent that he choose death over his precious life. Due to the popularity of the proffesser, he was introduced as a partner at the coaching centre. Some amount was taken by the professer for the partnership. The professor used to teach around many more coaching centres which the partners didnt liked & they used to pressurize him to leave the other classes to such an extent that he choose death.! 

After all these harrassments the proffesor attempted suicide at nallasopara station by jumping in front if the coming train. 

FIR has been registered against those partners under palghar district police department. But there is still no action taken and not even any investigation held. I request you to sign this petition so that we can get justice. The purest soul who sacrificed his life for his students need justice. For further details you can check youtube by searching Ashutosh Singh Raghuwanshi.