Water crises in Marathwada's neglected area from Latur and Osmanabad districts.

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Marathwada's most neglected region in terms of water scarcity includes the Taluka Omerga, Nilanga, Udgir, Tuljapur where water sources are completely dry and year by year, day by day the survival of the humans and catles will be impossible in near future. As we can see there are very good initiatives taken by government to join the rivers and cascade the surplus water from excess watery areas to draught pron areas. We would request you to take a kind note and serious consideration about specifically this region on how to make the water reach to this region on priority.

Always when we hear from all sources information about Marathwada's water scarcity, we hear about Jaikwadi dam and surrounding areas. We the people from subjected region will not be benefitted from it at all as there is no connectivity of Jaikwadi to the region.

Marathwada is the region which includes many districts like Aurangabad, Jalna, Hingoli, Prabhani, Beed, Latur, Osmanabad, Nanded.

Marathwada itself is completely a draught prone area since very long time due to its geographical location and conditions. It is a tropical area where having a rain itself is a nightmare. Since it is a situation which will never change geographically.

We are very well aware that if we plant the trees it will assure the rain falls in future. But planting and maintaining the huge amount of trees itself is a near to impossible task for anyone this area, as the plants need a water for their initial survival.

And if we don't plant, there will be no rain and no water. This is a cruel cycle in which this complete region trapped. Se there is no rain, the only source of water for this region is ground water which are also almost dried over the period of time. If any borewell planned it should atleast go by 800 feet deep to increase the water finding chances. If it is found a bit as well that gets celebrated and god is thanked.

Farming in this region is like digging our own graves and the problem is worsening as time passes.

Can we request you to take the water scarcity of the above said region on priority as it is a very densed area and mostly farmers. People like me are also interested in doing a developed farming, want to do something with the farms we have to make it a profitable affair.

Hope this gives you the correct picture of the region and scenarios.


Thanks you in advance.