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Male violence sounds very new to many people in this society. Throughout history a man is portrayed as a strong, rough, the one who only works and  non expressive. But is it really true ?Due to such myths men bare alot, if a boy tries to express either people make fun of him or thinks he is gay. 

Many people are aware of sexual violence against women but very few are aware of sexual violence against men. It could be done by other man or any other female.Sexual violence against men is treated differently in any given society from that committed against women, and may be unrecognized by international law Many boys keep quite and dont utter a word. 

A small proportion of men might be responsible for the majority of the world's worst violence, but they are men nonetheless and their actions have devastating consequences for the people and extended communities of those they harm - a considerable proportion of which will be other men.

There are so many girls out there says they are feminists. But do they actually know what feminism is ? It is equality ! Not being biased to females. Many females do use feminism as a weapon I am pointing no fingers and also not against feminism but, why isn’t there such thing which gives a voice to the boys out there so that they can even express without hesitation, so that they are also safe from the other men and women. 

his is not a problem that's going to go away by itself. It requires a massive cultural undertaking and a degree of honesty about how men are socialised in ways that can be extremely harmful. We can do that work together, or we can bury our heads in the ground.