Vashi bridge - Life threatening road condition especially for two wheelers

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Date - 22 December 2018

Place - Vashi bridge

Scene - Myself, Sagar Shinde, 29 years old, travelling from Chembur to Vashi on my motorcycle. Vashi bridge begins, I am in the left most lane travelling at the speed of 40 KM's per hour. Vehicle in front of me slows down by applying brakes. Accordingly I start to apply brakes to slow down, but my motorcycle skids and looses control making me fall off injuring my knee and elbow. 

Reason - Dangerous Roads which are not flat but have major bumps which go up and down sharply causing my tyres loose traction, slipping and sliding causing my crash. This inspite of collecting toll.

I was lucky enough to be alive inspite of few trucks travelling behind me, which managed to stop when I crashed. Many people loose their lives or get seriously injured inspite of riding safely. Road conditions major reason of accidents.

When are the authorities going to work effectively?

Don't they understand that because of their corruption and careless and low quality work people loose their lives, families loose thier loved ones?

Please sign this petition and share this incident so that it reaches the respective autjorities. 

Either makes good roads or ban two wheelers. Life is not cheap. Work for the country and not just fill your filthy pockets. People work hard in their lives. Govt officials and politicians do not know what a family or an individual goes through when any such unfortunate incidents happen.