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Traffic in Mumbai is horrible, your health and happiness is sacrificed daily, do something

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Friends, Mumbai is commercial capital of the country and contributes to largest kitty to national exchequer. It is the gateway for foreign companies and home to top corporates. But, commuting in Mumbai is getting to be nightmarish. Roads are all dug up, potholed and further restricted by metro line work. Number of vehicles on the road are growing day by day. Trains are jam packed. Result is that common commuters are spending longer time travelling and also developing health problems like backache, neck ache etc. Is this the way state government want to show case its capital city to the country and the world? Yes, infrastructure is problem and some new projects are being planned, but we have to do something now to mitigate the hardship people are facing. Traffic police have to focus on making road less congested by better traffic regulation. Why should heavy vehicles come on the road during peak office hours? Why should people keep crossing roads when the green traffic lights are on? Why should the traffic police stand in bunch of 3/4 together and focus only on catching vehicles for collecting fines. Why vehicles park on the road reducing movement space. Time has come to make a senior civil servant responsible for reducing traffic congestion in the city with clear mandate to increase speed of vehicle playing on various roads. this has to go hand in hand on keeping the roads in good condition. If BMC can not do it then the state government needs to do. 

If we do not make the city a better place to live and  commute, the golden hen will die of torture and you, a fine politician, will have to take big blame. 

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