Toll free Anandnagar Thane

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Every day ten of thousands of vehicles passes through the Thane - Mumbai toll booth near Mulund. This toll booth is a menace for people staying at thane who want to commute to Mumbai where all workplace locate. each single individual passing through this used to waste minimum 40 mins of time, 70 rupees and around 4 litres of fuel. The roads approaching are bad with potholes and large dents, The structure of booth is very pity and the behaviour of the people who manage is arrogant all times. There is no logic only why people stay at thane should pay this as all those bridges and roads are built in Mumbai also and no one who stays in Mumbai has to pay for any toll as much as they use it. It is beyond discrimination a way to loot general public who toil their life and pay for corruption . Most of the time there is no proper accounts for the same. Serpentine que of vehicles are helpless even if an ambulance come in between and guess a critical situation. Government know the issue and they are keeping quite and pretending blind. There are election mandates which talk about removing the toll booth. The project has actually attained the cost and profit still because the contract is for larger period the toll booth vendor is enjoying and all local politicians are also enjoying. I can understand the larger discrimination between common man who pays the toll and a large sect of bureaucrats and VIPs cant pay even they earn more than others. I urge all those who read this to sign the petition and let the government know it is real painful for the common public to have this booth. Even any other means of collection is good. In any case they can charge 2 ps per fuel more to stop this menace.