Support and allow farmers to sell toxin free, naturally grown farm produce

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Good health and awareness of healthy food intake is of utmost importance for human development process. Due to consumption of toxic farm produce there has been surge in health related problems. All of us have been witnessing the problem in various ways and different growth levels of a human. This has been core interest of all the people involved in the activity to solve basic issues in food quality intake. This group believes in consuming naturally grown farm produce to maintain good health of human body. Natural farming is completely residue or toxins free in comparison to organic farming. In addition to this, large number of individuals  of the group strive to maintain ecological balance by contributing all possible ways at various levels - primarily full time farming, supporting farmers in various ways, spreading knowledge/awareness, encouraging terrace gardening, and finally exchanging the farm produce for associated cost as per laborious work for individual farmer (शेतात लागणारे श्रम). Also the initiative helps improve the economic condition of the farmer and makes farming sustainable economically.

Who are involved in the initiative?

Farmers and end consumers who receive the farm produce are suffering due to obstacles created due to few locals in  certain areas. Connecting farmers and consumers is an initiative to bridge the gap between them and spread awareness for health benefits of naturally grown produce. There is good amount of knowledge base available over internet about naturally grown farm produce. There are sizable number of selfless people involved in the activity to support the noble initiative. Most importantly the consumers who benefit out of this entire effort directly exchange produce for the associated cost to the farmer. This association is based on high moral standards, possession of good human values and functional at more than 10 places in Pune area. 

What is the level of transparency?

Consumers of naturally grown produce get to interact with at least one or more member of every farmers family at least once in a week, Farmers help consumer understand their efforts put in right from sowing seeds/plantation to getting farm produce ready either by farm visits, regular posts farm pictures, knowing their cultivation and crop pattern through electronic media - WhatsApp. There are number of farmers from highly experienced/traditional farmers, IT field people turned to farming, highly experienced/traditional farmer, highly educated people (Ayurvedic doctor, PhD holders, IITian) turned to farming due to need of time with well known alarming situations, help nature sustain the ecosystem by following natural farming practices. There are several places in Pune where farmers get-together to distribute their farm produce. Similar wave is also spreading in different cities of Maharashtra.

What is the problem?

Obstacles are created by certain locals which causes initiative to dysfunction. We understand possibility of inconvenience to the people living in the area even after taking due precaution It is resolved at earliest. In fact there are substantial number people benefit from the area who help actively to resolve if there any issues by engaging in a dialogue. Sometimes other opposing force ends up over powering people in this initiative and ends pulling up various baseless strings involving legal process. Why such a noble cause is creating an obstacle to few locals? There has to be some vested interests. I strongly urge authorities to enable farmers to sell their produce in different areas by providing necessary support and security for the initiative.

Deregulation of all farm produce from APMC Act would enable farms to sell them anywhere. There is reliable source of information published by APMC Act press release - APMC (Agricultural produce market committee) Act deregulates only fruits and vegetables from APMC Act. APMC Act must deregulate sell of commodities like foodgrains, oilseeds, processed food and cereals without any license or permission from APMC Act. This is being considered by government APMC ACT reforms

Appeal to everyone to sign the petition

All people driving initiative and part of the initiative have awareness of possibility of genuine problem to locals in the area due to rush, number of people arriving at one place, traffic woes. All group members are taking all the precaution to ensure there is strict discipline in parking their vehicles, form a queue while receiving the produce and help society/people in all possible ways. Group members are always ready discuss with concerned people to  solve the problem in amicable ways. There are several volunteers as well in the activity to support the initiative.

I request you to sign the petition to get support from honorable chief minister to address authorities to support, security for this initiative when needed and deregulate commodities like oil seeds, processed food, oil and cereals, food grains, agro-produce from APMC act to be sold anywhere provided it doesn't cause inconvenience in the area

Scope of this petition is not just limited to Pune, Maharashtra but applies to broader community at state level, country level and global level perspective to help sustain farmers involved in natural farming practices in respective areas. The spectrum of the petition would be re-evaluated after achieving initial goals.