Stop Toll collection on Pune - Satara - Kolhapur road #NH4 highway is a disaster.

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Stop toll collection between Pune - Satara National highway .

The condition of national highway between pune and satara is really bad with many incomplete bridges , huge traffic congestion points , dangerous pot holes and many accident prone spots . Collecting toll for a road which is in such a bad condition is really shameful and a big injustice to the people who are driving on same .


Issues people are facing on this highway.

1) No Transparency in toll collection so huge possibility of corruption.

2) Condition of road is bad with incomplete bridges , traffic congestion points, dangerous pot holes.

3) Toll queues are huge and take more than 20-30 mins on peak travel days.

4) After paying road tax why additional toll has to be paid to travel to our home towns for people from satara , Karad, sangli and kolhapur .

5) Travel time for this 125 km road on an average should be 2 hrs however on peak days its 4-5 hrs and toll and road condition is major reason .


Possible solutions

1) Completely stop this toll for people from pune , satara , karad , Sangli and kolhapur as this is their regional route I.e MH 09, MH 10 , MH 11, MH 12, MH 50 should be exempted. 

2) Entire toll collection for rest of the vehicles should be cashless and people with non criminal background should collect the toll , increase the ex army people since these districts are full of army people .

3) In case toll needs to be continued then cars with MH 09 , 10, 11,12 and 50 passing should be charged one time 500 / 1000 and that tag should be valid for 5 years .

4 ) Government should not construct road if they cannot afford to do so or if they cannot even collect toll , going forward third party toll collectors should be avoided which is hub of corruption .


The people from western maharashtra feel instead of giving funds for the development of this region government is collecting thousands of corers from us in form of toll and utilizing that amount from other regions developmemt . 

We want current government and local representatives to clearly highlight these issues at state assembly.  

We urge all of you to sign this petition and voice your concern to government and politicians .