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Stop the Police Recruitment Drive on the Eastern Express Highway

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Hundreds and thousands of people use the Eastern Express Highway to travel to their workplaces, schools, colleges and offices everyday. Since the past four years we have been coming across the Maharashtra Police Recruitment tests/exams which are conducted on the service road of the mentioned highway. This event goes on for a month, with candidates spilling from all over the state to participate in this recruitment drive. The service road is blocked for a stretch of 7-10 KM's with pandals, shelter areas, mobile toilets and barricades which are used in the mentioned event. This results in traffic snarls that stretch upto 10 kilometres or more. These tests are conducted throughout the day, and traffic is affected during peak hours. Long lines of vehicles are stuck in traffic, crawling inch by inch. People have been reaching their destination way beyond their reporting time. Ambulances and other emergency vehicles are also stuck in the traffic, which otherwise would've reached their destination before time. It is obvious that this is sheer misuse of power and authority, while the public is being taken for granted. Neither the Chief Minister nor the Head of the Police department have given any statement about this in all these years. It's obvious that this issue has been conveniently ignored and that no one seems to be bothered about the everyday chaotic scenarios on the highway. No clarity is given as to how many days will this Recruitment Drive go on, neither the policemen present on the venue bother to answer questions. They do what they excel in; arrogance, rudeness and intimidation. This issue should immediately be highlighted and it should reach the concerned authorities, and the chief minister MUST look into it and find a solution. There are so many open "police grounds", as they are called, in Mumbai where these tests can be conducted. Mumbai also boasts about the Mahalaxmi Race Course and three huge cricket stadiums which are the perfect venues for a recruitment drive. I wonder how the authorities couldn't think of something as simple as this yet! 

The Eastern Express Highway is the only route which connects Thane to CST and passes through all the suburbs of Mumbai. It's one of the main routes which people use to travel anywhere in Mumbai and around. If they are taking 2-3 hours to reach their destination JUST because of this major choke point, then it's high time the government took action. People are just an inch away from crossing their patience threshold and maybe taking matters into their own hands. 

Let's come together and show them the power of the people.

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