Seat Reservation system

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It is said, that India is one of the most powerful countries, also india has been an originator since the beginning.

We've creates great scientists, mathematicians, physicians, etc.

But over the years things have changed. People wish to go abroad for work. One of the reasons for this is 'Seat Reservation system'.

Firstly we need to understand that the reservation system only divides the society leading to discrimination and conflicts between different sections. It is oppressive and does not find its basis in casteism. It is actually the antithesis of a communal living.

Reservation system is encouraging caste and religion and not hard work and talent..

It is high time that our Constitution must be changed for better.

Not every lower caste family is poor and not every higher caste family is rich.

Education should be provided on the basis of intelligence and not caste.

Some students who deserve good education suffer because of this system and eventually they choose to go abroad.

Education should be provided on the basis of annual income.

Not every higher caste family can afford expensive colleges.

This needs to be changed if we really want our country to grow.