Save Heritage Laxmi Narasinha Temple in Sadashiv Peth, Pune

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1.    This Petition is to save the Heritage Narasinha Temple located at Krantiveer Vasudeo Balawant Phadke road, 1420, Sadashiv Peth, Pune.

2.    The Temple was built in 1774. The ancient structure has architectural, historical, cultural & religious attributes. The construction of the Temple is a typical example of Peshwa style architecture.

3.    The annual Laxmi Narasinha Navaratra is celeberated from vaishakh shuddha shasti to vaishakhi purnima for 9 days. More than 10,000 devotees attend the function. Also many devotees come daily to the Temple for the prayers.

4.    Freedom fighter Krantiveer Vasudeo Balwant Phadke resided in the Temple from 1865 to 1879.

5.    This ancient Temple is being affected by the additional road widening of the old city DP passed in 2017.

6.    While preparing the DP of 1987, Government had appointed a Heritage committee to save such Heritage structures. Hence the structures like Narasinha Temple are safe till today.

7.    The additional road widening pattern is erratic not being equal on both the sides of the existing road. It weaves around commencing at Khunya Muralidhar Temple, where the road is widened at the opposite side i.e. on the eastern side. It should have been continued in the same manner. However further while coming to south the road widening is completely towards the western side affecting the Narasinha Temple. Khunya Murlidhar Temple is largely undisturbed as a builder possess this land and he would be able to grab extra FSI.

8.    The road widening of all the roads parallel & intersecting to Phadke road are cancelled. Also the road widening of the arterial roads like Laxmi road, Kumthekar road, Mandai road, Shivaji road (Metro station is located on this road) has been cancelled after the public outcry, with a notable exception of Phadke road.

9.    The motive behind the 24 meter road widening of Phadke road is the benefit of additional 0.5 FSI as per the table no.5, rule 17.1.1 of DCPR 2017. The only entity that would be benefited by this additional road widening is one builder on this road who will enjoy this additional 0.5 FSI increasing his turnover by Rs.58 crores with corresponding profits. All other plots astride the road will not get the benefit of this additional 0.5 FSI due to the laid down terms and also many plots would become unbuildable due to this additional road widening.

10. This explains the reason behind the quantum jump in widening the road from 9 meters to 24 meters. The additional road widening is not in the public interest but only to fulfil the aspirations of a few.

11.  Non- adherence to well established norms and erratic planning has resulted in adversely affecting the Heritage Narasinha Temple. It has caused undue & severe injustice. Public sentiments are deeply hurt by this callous action by the authority.

12. Sign this petition to cancel this additional road width of 24 meters,Instead make the road 15 meters wide from the present 9 meters and save the Heritage Narasinha Temple.